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ASF is pleased to offer the Paul Silver Tribute Award each year to young people in the Alport Syndrome community. Winners are chosen based on several criteria, including the quality of their essay and the purpose and potential impact of the award. ASF is delighted to...

The first time I heard about Alport Syndrome was in the second grade when our family doctor told my parents I had the disease. Maybe being diagnosed with it early before I even understood anything about it was a blessing, since I really did not worry much about it.

John was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome when he was a baby. As is typical with many families affected by Alport Syndrome, John is not the only family member with the disease. Four other family members had received kidney transplants as a result of an Alport diagnosis.

When I moved to Seattle, Washington, I was absolutely floored that I nailed an interview at a law firm as their office manager. My previous job had been as a manager at Petsmart so this new position was a great gig for somebody 25 years of age. My experience at the law firm was very

Alport‘s is relatively new to myself and my family. My story began when I was 6 months old. My parents had me routinely tested and it was discovered that I had blood in my urine. I went through 3+ years of seeing urologists, nephrologists, etc., at CHOC, but they said that all of the

My name is Kevin. I'm 28-years-old and live in Nesconset, New York. Up until July 2012, I had no outstanding medical issues and had never been to a hospital except to visit others...not so much as one broken bone, or one chipped tooth. Luck of the Irish I guess. Everything

My name is Felicia. My husband Jose (known as Junior to those closest to him) and I married this past summer on the beautiful island of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic among our closest family and friends. Despite a beautiful vacation away in paradise, I only got to spend part of the

I would like to share my young granddaughter's struggle with Alport Syndrome in the hope that we might locate a kidney donor match for her, and to raise awareness to the fact that it's possible to be a live donor and save a life.
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