Alport Awareness Month

2016 Alport Awareness Month

As part of National Kidney Month in March, the Alport Syndrome community came together for the 3rd annual Alport Awareness Month to spotlight this rare kidney disease. Individuals and families spread awareness by sharing their personal stories and/or participated in events in their local communities.

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Now is the time to start planning!

Keep it simple! Make it fun! Share your story!

We love to hear your creative ideas! Send us your photos and descriptions of your Alport Awareness efforts and we’ll add them to this page.

To learn more about the previous Alport Awareness Month efforts,  click here.

Remember: Alport Awareness does not have to be limited to one month!

You can spread awareness all year long by simply telling others your story of living with Alport Syndrome.

ASF social media posts and blog articles can be shared regularly.

You can also host an event or create an online fundraising page anytime, be part of the Annual Campaign in September, or start planning now how you will participate in Alport Awareness Month next year!