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Alport Odyssey Zine

March 23, 2023

ASF is requesting U.S. patient submissions for the inaugural publication of Alport Odyssey, a zine exploring the Alport syndrome experience through the creative works of Alport patients.

​Alport Odyssey is a​​ space for patients to explore their lived experiences with​ ​Alport Syndrome by sharing artistic representations of stories, lessons, and reflections with the ASF community. Creative expression around the realities of living with Alports can be a constructive tool for healing. Sharing these works as a collection can offer wisdom, insights, and inspiration to others who are navigating the same journey, our Odyssey.

Why zine? Zines are typically self-published short-form collections of written and visual works centered around a theme or specific population.

We encourage our entire U.S. patient community, regardless of perceived artistic or creative abilities, to consider submitting work that conveys your experiences.

Click here to view a list of questions and ideas that can help your prepare a submission(s) for Alport Odyssey.

Submission types include, but are not limited to:

  • original drawings, sketches, illustrations
  • collages
  • photographs
  • paintings
  • poems, song lyrics, short essays, written musings, story excerpts, journal entries

Topics can center around diagnosis,​ ​treatment, hearing loss, kidney failure, general reflections of your reality as an Alport Patient​,​ or a vision of what the future holds.

To submit works, email [email protected] with the email subject “Zine Submission” with a single-file .jpg or .pdf attachment of your finished original work. Written works without specific formatting may be typed into the email body. Note: Any submitted works may be resized or reformatted by the Editor to fit the zine.

Alport Odyssey welcomes up to 3 submissions per person from patients ages 12+.

Please Note: Zine’s are typically very short cover-to-cover , and while we are not opposed to including works that take up several pages, we are hoping to include as many submissions as possible in our printed issue, so submissions are more likely to be considered for print if they fit to one or two pages.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. For safety or privacy purposes, you may submit your work anonymously or with a pen name, if you wish.  All applicants under age 18 will be published anonymously or with first name only. Failure to meet deadlines could result in the work being excluded from the zine.

Optional: Submit a brief statement explaining what your work means to you or how it fits with Alport Odyssey.

ASF will notify applicants whose works were selected for our printed publication of Alport Odyssey by May 2023.

This zine is for all ages and therefore language and imagery should be well considered for this audience. All text-based submissions should be in English. All approved submissions will be included in our online digital version of the zine which will publicly appear on the ASF website in Fall 2023.

We hope to produce different Alport Odyssey zines in the future!