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ASF Community App – Welcome!

ASF Community Welcome Banner

What is the ASF Community App?

The free ASF Community serves as the home of the “ASF Community 24/7 Room.” This virtual room contains a wide variety of important patient/family resources available at your fingertips whenever you need them! The room is by invitation-only.

The ASF Community App is available for smartphone users and is also available as a browser-based experience. Those wishing to access content on an iPad or tablet are encouraged to use the browser-link.

As a reminder, even if you download the ASF Community app or click the browser link, you will not have access to the interior “ASF Community 24/7 Room” without an invite.

How do I request an invite to the “ASF Community 24/7 Room” inside the ASF Community app?

The in-app “ASF Community 24/7 Room” is for Alport patients and family members-only, regardless of country, and is monitored by ASF staff to sustain this privacy.

Patients and family members can request access to ASF Community by emailing ASF Staff with the subject line “ASF Community Access.” ASF Staff will then provide all the necessary information. Patients and family members who register for free membership with ASF receive automatic invitations.

Is there a web browser version of ASF Community?

Yes! Current ASF Community users can access a browser version of the 24/7 Room by clicking this link. Intended for desktops, laptops, iPads, and tablets, the web version of the year-long “ASF Community 24/7 Room” requires your email and password for access to ensure privacy and contains all elements found within the smartphone app.

See below for a small preview of the types of items you’ll find inside the ASF Community app!