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Nearly $2 Million Invested

Established in 2010, our Research Program has invested more than two million dollars in research projects around the world including the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. The largest part of our annual budget is directed to research.

Collectively, ASF’s Research Program is adding to our understanding of possible pathways for treatments or a cure, shining a light on awareness of Alport syndrome in the research community, attracting innovative minds to study this rare disease, and shifting the landscape to an active and engaged research community.

Learn about ASF’s Research Program and previously funded research projects.

International Research Network

We are proud to note that our Research Program has helped build a network of international researchers that have come to know each other and to work collaboratively. The work and activity of the Research Program has brought researchers and patients together in person, proving to be remarkably empowering for both.

It is a hopeful and productive time for Alport syndrome research. There are therapies being developed now that promise to improve the treatment of Alport kidney disease and further postpone the need for dialysis and kidney transplantation. It is our belief that ultimately, with continued efforts, a cure is possible.

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