Family Stories

When I moved to Seattle, Washington, I was absolutely floored that I nailed an interview at a law firm as their office manager. My previous job had been as a manager at Petsmart so this new position was a great gig for somebody 25 years of age. My experience at the law firm was very

Alport‘s is relatively new to myself and my family. My story began when I was 6 months old. My parents had me routinely tested and it was discovered that I had blood in my urine. I went through 3+ years of seeing urologists, nephrologists, etc., at CHOC, but they said that all of the

My name is Kevin. I'm 28-years-old and live in Nesconset, New York. Up until July 2012, I had no outstanding medical issues and had never been to a hospital except to visit others...not so much as one broken bone, or one chipped tooth. Luck of the Irish I guess. Everything

My name is Felicia. My husband Jose (known as Junior to those closest to him) and I married this past summer on the beautiful island of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic among our closest family and friends. Despite a beautiful vacation away in paradise, I only got to spend part of the

I would like to share my young granddaughter's struggle with Alport syndrome in the hope that we might locate a kidney donor match for her, and to raise awareness to the fact that it's possible to be a live donor and save a life.

Our story of living with Alport syndrome began with the watchful eye of a wonderful daycare provider. My son, William, to this time seemed to be a typically developing toddler in 1999.

I am a 24 year old recent graduate from San Jose, California. My kidney problems began when I was born. I was diagnosed with a genetic kidney disorder called Alport syndrome when I was in 5th grade. Currently this disease has no cure. Through strict diet control and medication, I was

For Ryan of San Diego, organ donation literally saved his life – twice. At the age of 19, Ryan required a kidney transplant. He received a kidney from his mother, Anne. In 2009 Ryan required a second transplant and this time he received a kidney from his sister, Katie. This week
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