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Meet the 2021 Paul Silver Enrichment Award Recipients!

Tara, Anya, and Lia (clockwise from top left)

December 21, 2021

The 2021 Paul Silver Enrichment Award Selection Committee was deeply moved by the stories of each of this year’s applicants and was inspired by their unwavering efforts to achieve personal goals.

The Paul Silver Enrichment Award was created in memory of Paul Silver, an Alport syndrome patient and film and music editor. Paul was the recipient of an award which helped him accomplish a professional goal and the annual Alport Syndrome Foundation Award proudly continues this “pay it forward” philosophy.

In memory of Paul Silver, the Silver family and Alport Syndrome Foundation are honored and pleased to provide financial awards to the following young individuals living with Alport syndrome:

Tara – age 22, California
Award will be used to support your graduate school applications and the larger pursuit of a Master’s degree in genetic counseling.

Lia – age 16, California
Award will be used to support a trip abroad in the summer of 2022 and to also help offset the costs of non-fungible token (NFT) creation.

Anya – age 19, Arizona
Award will be used to support a future semester abroad in Europe.

As part of their Awardee Agreement, in the comings months, each winner will provide ASF with a short video and write-up showcasing how the Paul Silver Enrichment Award helped them accomplish their respective personal goals. Congratulations to all our 2021 Awardees!

Learn more about the annual Award and prior winners at this link.

“In starting the Paul Silver Enrichment Award, it was my hope to empower young people with Alport Syndrome to not let the disease define them and to realize their dreams. I saw the importance of this when my son was given such an award many years ago. The recipients of this year’s Award, as well as past awardees, embody the goal I set for myself.”

-Joyce Silver (pictured below with her son, Paul)

Paul Silver and his mother, Joyce