5K for Healthy Kidneys a Great Success!
The 5K for Healthy Kidneys events in Arizona and South Dakota raised more than $47,000 for education and outreach.

Alport Syndrome Observational Study
A observational study for Alport Syndrome patients is being conducted by Regulus Therapeutics. For more details, including international participating study sites, go to the study website.

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Annual Campaign
Thank you to all the ASF campaigners and donors who raised more than $100,000 for Alport Syndrome research during the 2014 Annual Campaign.

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April is Donate Life Month
Create an online fundraising page in honor of a transplant recipient or donor.

Fat Ass 5K & Street Party for Charity
The annual Fat Ass 5K on May 9 is a fun event held in historic downtown Springville, IL, to benefit a variety of charities, including ASF.

Tom Denham's Charity Climb
Support Tom when he climbs Mt. Shuksan in honor of his daughter Rachel.

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Stories and Videos

Family Stories
  • Robbie’s Story Robbie - cropped

    I was born with Alport Syndrome. It runs on my mother’s side of the family. They knew when I was born that I most likely had the disease. I have two older brothers and they also have Alport Syndrome and my mother is a carrier. As far as cousins and other family members, none have ...

  • Missy’s Story Missy Winzek cropped

    My story starts when I was young, too young to really remember.  My mom says I was still wearing diapers, so I was only a year or two.

    She noticed the color of my urine was dark.  I went through all kinds of tests.

    The doctor was not familiar with Alport Syndrome and ...

  • Lisa‘s Story Tim and Lisa Murphy

    When I was a senior in high school I started to become sick. I had just lost my father a few years prior and our family had barely started the process of trying to recover from that. I was just a rebellious kid who was terrified knowing that something wasn’t right with my body.

    I ...

  • Todd‘s Story odd Landsberg

    The first time I heard about Alport Syndrome was in the second grade when our family doctor told my parents I had the disease. Maybe being diagnosed with it early before I even understood anything about it was a blessing, since I really did not worry much about it.

    Yes, I wore hearing aids and was ...

  • John‘s Story johns_romero

    John was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome when he was a baby. As is typical with many families affected by Alport Syndrome, John is not the only family member with the disease. Four other family members had received kidney transplants as a result of an Alport diagnosis.

    When John met Carolyn and they started dating, John told ...

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